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Both Content and User Based Recommendations

Recommaster utilizes a hybrid approach, blending content-based and collaborative filtering algorithms. This means our system not only analyzes item attributes (like genre, brand, or specifications) but also understands user behavior and preferences based on their past interactions. This dual strategy results in finely-tuned, personalized recommendations that resonate with each user's unique taste.

Analysis of User Behavior with Smart Dashboards

Our smart dashboards provide a comprehensive view of user engagement and behavior patterns. These dashboards leverage advanced analytics to offer insights into metrics like click-through rates, time spent on various items, and purchase history. This data helps businesses understand user preferences in-depth, enabling them to refine their marketing strategies and enhance user experience.

Explainable Recommendations

Recommaster incorporates explainable AI (XAI) techniques to provide clear, understandable reasons behind each recommendation. By leveraging methods like simplified SHAP (SHapley Additive exPlanations) visualizations, our system offers transparency into the recommendation logic, such as ‘This item is recommended because it's similar to your previous purchases.’ This fosters trust and helps users make informed decisions.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Utilize Recommaster’s AI to hyper-personalize marketing campaigns. Our system analyzes user data to segment audiences and tailor marketing messages, ensuring that each customer receives content that aligns with their preferences and behaviors. This level of personalization drives higher engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

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AI-Powered Recommendation System

  • Instant recommendations with AI-based models
  • Content and user-based recommendation
  • Analysis of user behavior with smart dashboards
  • Easy integration
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Our customers

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What our clients say about us


Our collaboration with Recommaster came about as we searched for a system that could help us organize our recommendation mechanisms and manage our data. In fact, judging by the fact that we have identified these problems. However, after using it, we realized that the service has most of the solutions it brings. The analyzes of the site visitors did not greatly increase our solutions to increase individual sales performance, increase the time users stay on the platform and many more.

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Thanks to Recommaster's dynamic solutions, it has become much easier to manage our site performance by analyzing what our users have tried and their results. In addition to success in integrating user tools into their overview, we've seen many services view our site performance as positive with long-term positives.

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The way that the regulations in the use of data can provide the highest benefit to both us and our visitors is through Recommaster's services. Thanks to its success in increasing sales and collective control mechanisms, we have succeeded in increasing both our site and control experience and customer experience to the highest levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We care about our customers and we gathered up most of the answers might be helpful to you.

If you can’t find a solution for your problem you can always contact us.

What is Recommaster?

Recommaster is an AI based recommendation system software. By offering personalized recommendations on digital platforms, it increases sales, the time the user spends on the platform, and increases the user's return rate to the platform.

Which industries does Recommaster serve?

Recommaster can offer personalized recommendations on digital platforms (e-commerce, media, entertainment, finance, etc.) with an industry-independent service approach.

What recommendations does Recommaster offer?

Recommaster offers recommendations on both content and user basis. Thanks to the content-based suggestion system, it makes suggestions including the users who come to the platform for the first time by using the products offered on the platform and the characteristics of these products. The user-based suggestion system, on the other hand, instantly presents suggestions that may be of interest to the user, thanks to the footprint left on the platform, with AI-based models.

Does Recommaster allow for customization analysis of brands?

Yes, Recommaster enables customization analysis of brands. While providing a customized experience to users with the artificial intelligence solutions it uses, it also provides the opportunity for customization and analysis to the brand thanks to its backoffice screens.

How does Recommaster help make sense of user behavior?

Recommaster allows the platform to make sense of user behavior with personalized artificial intelligence algorithms and smart dashboards. In this way, brands can obtain important data about the behavior of users.

How does Recommaster affect bounce rate on platforms?

Recommaster provides personalized recommendations to users, increasing the time spent on the platform and ensuring that the user returns to the platform as soon as possible. In this way, the bounce rate can be reduced.

In which languages is Recommaster available?

Recommaster processes user data and product descriptions with natural language processing techniques independent of the language it contains, and turns them into a format that can be used by an artificial intelligence-based algorithm.

How to integrate Recommaster?

Recommaster integrates into the platform quite easily. Integration is possible via API. The Recommaster technical team can assist you in the integration process.


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